Holistic wellness using natural health products is often less expensive and more effective and produces less harmful side effects. Major institutions are doing various studies on holistic therapies including herbal remedies, bodywork, meditation and dietary changes. Controlled studies are available on most every type of alternative medicine, and they show great results. People are making their own choices in healthcare and the trend is clear.
The future requires a transformation of the healthcare system from sickness care to health and healing care. Rather than treating the symptoms, holistic wellness is about treating each individual as a whole. It entails mind, body and spirit. There needs to be equal respect and unification among doctors and practitioners. We are each pieces of the puzzle. The idea is to work together to facilitate the healing of the patient/client. Past problems, present issues, future concerns and goals are all integral aspects to evaluate. The idea is to identify the source of the problem and to develop a balanced program to correct it through therapies, diet, nutrition and exercise. This may be considered slow medicine but it has more substantial lasting results. Optimum wellness comes from within.


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